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Curriculum that works

Math CAMMP is hosted at numerous locations throughout Mecklenburg County. 

For inquiries about hosting Math CAMMP at your site, please email us mathcammp@gmail.com

Developing understanding

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Mathematics is brought to life through problem solving with CAMMP manipulatives, games and puzzles, computers and calculators, and robotics assembly and programming.  CAMMP engages your child in thinking mathematically.


When Carol sent her first mentee off to camp, she wasn’t sure what to expect.  “Ella LOVED it,” Carol recalls. “The friends, the fun – she grew so much in a week.” She has since sent Ella back to CAMMP for three years as well as her other mentee, Max, with similar results. They all think “MATH CAMMP rocks!"

CAMMP's mathematics and robotics curriculum is designed to enhance a child’s genuine understanding of mathematics and its connections to thinking, reasoning and real world problem solving.