Robotics CAMMP Curriculum

Basic Robotics

CAMMPers create compound machines and learn how gears, wheels, axles and other simple machines can work together and operate.  CAMMPers will explore how several common machines work and how the parts operate together to form a whole machine.  CAMMPers will develop problem solving, analytic and sequential reasoning skills while building and operating their machines.   Each  CAMMPer  will build and operate both mechanical and battery powered machines throughout the week.  Experienced CAMMPers will have the opportunity to build and operate machines that utilize battery, solar or wind power.   (Grades 1 – 3)

Advanced Robotics

Advanced CAMMPers will work specifically with programmable, computer-operated robots.  Students will learn Lego programming to manipulate and coordinate various aspects of the robots they build.  CAMMPers will integrate the use of sensors and motors to complete challenges and tasks.  CAMMPers will work in collaborative groups to investigate a variety of programming and sequencing options when creating original programs. (Grades 4 – 6)

Math CAMMP Curriculum

CAMMP’s philosophy is to enhance children’s understanding of mathematics and its connections to thinking, reasoning, and real world problem–solving. Each CAMMPer receives individual attention from a specially–trained master level teacher. Whether your child is a math whiz or needs review, the CAMMP experience produces logical understanding and helps children find the fun in mathematics.
Summer CAMMP emphasizes three basic principles: having fun, learning through hands-on manipulatives, and problem solving. The entire curriculum reflects these principles as students develop a head start for the upcoming school year.

Rising 1st Graders -- Addition
Rising 2nd Graders -- Subtraction
Rising 3rd Graders -- Multiplication
Rising 4th Graders -- Division/Fractions
Rising 5th Graders -- Operations on fractions and decimals
Rising 6th Graders -- Pre Algebra - integers, variables, constants

Placement: CAMMP Directors place children according to their individual math abilities, so the first day of CAMMP is crucial for a happy and challenging experience. Students are typically placed according to their rising grade level. However, for those doing more advanced mathematics or in need of remediation, appropriate math placements are made. Please describe on your application any special needs your child has.  Please talk with your child at the end of the first day. If you think your child’s placement is inappropriate, please contact one of the Directors the first evening so he/she can adjust placement accordingly.
CAMMPers who attend for multiple weeks receive appropriate placement each week.